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Value-Added Assembly

Bennett Tool & Die’s customers operate businesses in very competitive environments.  It’s important that they have suppliers who are working together with them so that customers are competitive in the marketplace.  BTD’s value-added assembly services assist customers in outsourcing critical, non-core products, to ensure best practices, providing customers with the opportunity to focus on core-business operations. BTD’s assembly processes utilize one-piece-flow methods to improve throughput, reduce waste, and identify potential quality defects very early in the process.  We focus on providing the highest quality and most competitively priced assembly products and services.
BTD offers a variety of value-added assembly processes using manual and automated lines.  We utilize lean techniques in all of our work cells and assembly lines. From a welding standpoint, BTD offers MIG & TIG in various types of materials, plus resistance spot welding and robotic welding. We do a complete material plan inside of an ERP system for efficient scheduling and to reduce inventory. BTD’s key strength in assembly is in its lean culture.  All BTD employees, whether hourly or salaried, participate in five weeks of initial lean training.  Through ongoing lean practices and teamwork, we gain the strength and knowledge of all employees to improve processes, eliminate wastes, reduce costs, and improve the quality of products and services provided to customers.