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Now Offering Fabrication Services

Bennett Tool & Die offers a wide range of fabrication services to meet your product needs. Our diverse fabrication services range from very small parts to large weldments. Using nesting software, BTD is able to develop flat patterns and automatically determine the best configuration to nest parts, in order to maximize material utilization to reduce customers’ material costs.  We regularly process materials from 26 gauge up to three-quarters of an inch thick.
Material handling automation reduces part processing costs for lasers and laser-punch combination equipment.  An automated shuttle system loads raw material hands-free into laser equipment for around-the-clock production requiring minimal oversight.  BTD’s combination servo-turret punch and 4000-watt laser equipment, optimizes two processes by combining these into one operation.  Load times are improved using a nine-shelf tower for raw material and processed sheets. The automated storage tower loads material hands-free while a part removal system unloads and stacks parts for the next process with minimal handling. BTD provides value-added services including welding by our AWS Certified welders, along with hardware insertion, finishing, assembly, and packaging to customer requirements.