Precision CNC machining has been a service Bennett has been providing for over 20+ years. We specialize in both high and low volume machining in a variety of materials and have the capacity to handle any size run. Our machining capability varies from high volume castings, bar stock and extruded aluminum, to close tolerance die details. We utilize state-of-the-art CAM software to program our parts, focusing on areas to improve the process and reduce cycle times to offer competitive pricing. Our skilled machinists and programmers can provide the highest quality components and quick turn-around to meet all your needs.

Our People

Our staff has been trained in the principles of Lean and are constantly working to remove waste from the process. We feel a strong investment in the training of our employees yields high dividends for us, but more importantly our customers.

Production and One Off

CNC and Conventional

Advanced 3D Programming

Secondary Machining