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Powder Coating

Powder Coat Paint

Available in Maryville, TN and Kansas City, KS

Wash Booth The wash booth is a 12’ x 12’ drive thru system with doors.  The heated power wash utilizes a phosphatize injection system including chemical SURCOAT SW2000 or customer specified chemical.

Dry Off & Cure Ovens Two 12’ x 12’ dry off and cure ovens are drive-thru systems with doors on both ends of the oven.  Combination controls provide dry off mode and/or cure modes allowing flexibility and expansion.  VFD drives operate on circulation fans with 300 degrees @ 9 air changes per minute or 500 degrees @ 4 air changes per minute options.

Powder Booth The drive-thru 12’ x 12’ powder booth also has doors on both ends operating VFD drives on dual fans with cross flow with filter intake and exit.

Powder Applicator The powder applicator is a Gema OptiFlex Pro.  It has full programmability for all applications with preset recipes for flat, faraday cage effect, and recoat. Process monitoring and record keeping technology helps to control the process.