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Tool & Die

Why not buy dies from a supplier who designs and builds domestically or can source all or part of your tooling projects globally?

Bennett Tool & Die can meet your die requirements a number of ways. Our experienced tooling team can design then build dies at any one of our three USA plants.  We can also outsource 100% of a die project overseas.  And sometimes a hybrid approach makes strategic sense manufacturing die details overseas with final assembly performed at BTD USA.  Whichever tooling procurement process you choose, all dies will be runoff at a BTD USA plant to insure that the dies are built to customer or BTD die specifications and perform as expected before released into production. Each BTD location has highly skilled toolmakers who build, maintain, and modify dies.  We build progressive, stage, draw, and single-station combination dies.  Combination dies form finished parts from round blanks but some parts can be blanked and formed in the same station from coil.
BTD builds stamping dies for customers and for our own production operation.  Either way, you can be assured that dies will be designed and built as if BTD ran every die we build in our own shop.   Because we are also a production stamping facility, die runoffs are performed in a genuine production environment simulating the results you can expect when tools are delivered to you. BTD also offers check fixtures that are professionally designed and built by BTD or overseas then verified by third-party certification.